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#30DayMapChallenge 2022

#30DayMapChallenge 2022 official categories

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From Topi Tjukanov, the #30DayMapChallenge is a "daily mapping/cartography/data visualization challenge aimed at the spatial community. The idea is to create (and publish) maps based on different themes on each day of the month using the hashtag #30DayMapChallenge."


Below are my creations during the 2022 challenge.

Click on an image to see the full map as well as learn more about the data and workflow.

For more, here are my maps from the 2021 #30DayMapChallenge (external StoryMap) and the 2020 #30DayMapChallenge (external StoryMap). I also presented at the North American Cartographic Information Society's (NACIS) 2021 conference, where I discuss my experiences during this challenge. Watch my presentation "The GISt of It: Discoveries from a Daily Social Mapping Challenge".

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