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United Spuds of America

2022: Day 15 (Food/Drink)

Nov 15, 2022

Tool: ArcGIS Pro

Data: USGS U.S. Board on Geographic Names


  1. Filter place names by those that include "*Potato*".

  2. Use Aggregate features tool to summarize by square bins (100 mile bins)

  3. Adjust bins to have intuitive breaks, I used multiples of 5.

  4. Use PhotoChrome to identify a potato-y color. Use to find the color ramp for that particular color. Symbolize bins by these colors.

  5. Create two more map frames from the first one. Adjust coordinate system for each of the three -- one for contiguous US, one for Hawaii, one for Alaska.

  6. Find clipart of potato online and copy to the layout. Use polygon trace tool to make a potato polygon border.

  7. Export with "Transparent Background" selected.


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