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The Pinocchio Frog

2022: Day 1 (Points)

Nov 1, 2022

Here's my interpretation of "Points". I thought I was being clever but I last minute found out there's actually only one of these frogs ever found so really I completed the "Point" challenge. Get it?

Tool: ArcGIS Pro



This map was made with a simple country polygons (greens) with a Multiply Layer Blend over the default Esri Hillshade. The "neatline" around New Guinea in the bottom right was actually two straight yellow lines to give structure to the design. I, of course, had to include a picture of the adorable pointy little guy, and the credits/caption for that are as follows: The northern Pinocchio frog, Litoria pinocchio, sits on a leaf in Indonesia's Foja Mountains. PHOTOGRAPH BY TIM LAMAN, NAT GEO IMAGE COLLECTION.

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