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50 Years of Disneyland Maps

2022: Day 7 (Raster)

Nov 7, 2022

I still don't fully understand what I did and even if this makes sense, but I decided to play with the Raster Calculator for Day 7.

Tool: ArcGIS Pro



  1. I tried georeferencing the Disneyland maps to its real location in Anaheim and surprise, surprise, they don't line up well at all to reality. So they are living at null island. I did georeference on to the other so the borders line up.

  2. Then I ran the "Raster Calculator" tool with the following formula: "Disneyland2005.png" - "Disneyland1958.png".

  3. In true change detection fashion, I tried the Reclassify tool to identify negative and positive cells to show what cells changed, but I couldn't get this to work for some reason. Thus I just used the output of the Raster Calculator and played with the color scheme to show it how it is, which appears to me to be the things in the 1958 map that aren't in the 2005 map.

  4. I also used a color picker to find colors in the iconic Walt Disney Studios picture and found a Walt Disney like font.


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